What is Kratom & Why All the Mad Hype?
What is Kratom & Why All the Mad Hype? Image

Kratom has gained much hype recently as a health solution, pain reliever, and tool in addiction recovery, but what exactly is it?

While kratom is taken in the West in pill form, it’s origin is as a Southeast Asian tree with a long history of use in traditional medicine.

After having spread to the US and Europe, researchers have found that a metabolite of a kratom alkaloid could be responsible for the treatment’s ‘therapeutic’ effects.

Currently, kratom is legal and available in the U.S. as a gray-market product, but it has an uncertain regulatory future.

This is because – despite it’s claimed benefits – kratom is reportedly as addictive as the opioids it offers to ween people off.

The existence of Kratom and the claimed benefits may well be another perceived panacea for issues such as addiction, which often have much deeper roots than simple physical dependency.

Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy explores this below:

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