Watch: Why Did Jordan Peterson End Up in Rehab?

This video looks into why Jordan Peterson, despite being the world’s pre-eminent self-help guru, ended up in a rehab for clonazepam addiction.

It considers how men who followed Peterson should react, if at all, and how Dr Jordan Peterson could’ve ended up addicted to opioids despite his reams of work focussing on facing suffering nobly and having your life together.

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1 thought on “Watch: Why Did Jordan Peterson End Up in Rehab?

  1. Hmmm…. As you know I am no fan of self acclaimed gurus, self help or otherwise. To say that almost without exception they are men with feet of clay is to state the obvious. This guru seems particularly fond of himself and although I am sad to see him in distress I am not surprised. We humans are disappointing. Especially if we try to set ourselves up as teachers of life.

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