Watch: What is Enlightenment & How to Get There

Richard answers ‘What is Enlightenment & How to Get There’, and in doing so he outlines the two major paths to an enlightened or ‘awakened’ state – the Mystical Path and the Practical Path.

The Mystical Path is more associated with Eastern spirituality, according to Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy, although it does have a universal, transcendental nature, while the Practical Path is more associated with Western Culture.

The Practical Path involves the application of one’s life into the moral and ethical constraints on the management of the individual ego, as he strives forth into the world aiming at the ultimate goal.

Enlightenment comes in many forms and is universal amongst different cultures: Heaven, Nirvana, Buddha-nature, Christ consciousness, presence and awakening are all different terms that articulate the One Ultimate reality beyond concepts.

This video features teachings from Buddha, Jesus, St Francis, Rumi, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji & Jordan Peterson, among many more.

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Richard on Why he Made this Video

“We have lost meaning and values in our lives and contemporary society, which means we have lost direction, and this has led to all manner of despair, addictions and depression in men.

“This is why my latest video looks into Enlightenment as a counter to the present situation, a subject that has long inspired me, as a focus on The Ultimate shows us we are already part of great traditions which we can use to find meaning in our lives, culture, and universe.

“In this exploration, I take influence from Eastern and Western teachers to show two divergent paths to a state of Grace.

“One focuses more on the mystical tradition of transcendence in the now by detaching from ego, the other the practical tradition which focuses more on the ethical life lived by the conscious individual on the Path of Truth.”

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