Transplanting Gut Bacteria Could Heal Depression, Say Scientists
Transplanting Gut Bacteria Could Heal Depression, Say Scientists

Scientists have shown that transplanting gut bacteria could be the key to healing human psychiatric disorders such as depression.

In testing, researchers move gut bacteria from an animal that is vulnerable to social stress to a non-stressed animal.

They then discovered vulnerable behavior in the recipient animal.

The research reveals details of biological interactions between the brain and gut that may someday lead to probiotic treatments for issues such as depression.

The study team published its findings in Molecular Psychiatry.

Lead author of the study, Dr Seema Bhatnagar, said: “Although much more research remains to be done, we can envision future applications in which we could leverage knowledge of microbiome-brain interactions to treat human psychiatric disorders.

“People already are taking over-the-counter probiotics as supplements. If we can eventually validate beneficial behavioral effects from specific bacteria, we could set the stage for new psychiatric treatments.”

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