Opioid Crisis: Suicides & OD’s Double in US

Suicides and drug overdoses kill American adults at twice the rate today as they did just 17 years ago, and opioids are a key contributor to that rise, according to a new review and analysis by the University of Michigan.

Using data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention databases, the researchers show that the sheer number of deaths from suicides and unintentional overdoses together rose from 41,364 in the year 2000 to 110,749 in 2017.

Dr Amy Bohnert was part of the research team and said: “Unlike other common causes of death, overdose and suicide deaths have increased over the last 15 years in the United States.

“This pattern, along with overlap in the factors that increase risk for each [legal and illegal drugs, life stressors], support the idea that they are related problems and the increases are due to shared fundamental causes.”

US Urges Action on Opioid Awareness Day

The figures continue to make grim reading for the state of health in the US, as well as drawing criticism from various fields regarding the easy accessibility of opioids in the system.

Recovering Man founder Richard Joy said: “These figures are shocking but not surprising. We will likely see yet another call for increased programmes to deal with the issue, however, that is akin to putting a plaster over a knife wound.

“Real change starts with individuals and empowering those people to embody a deeper mode of being, with a renewed sense of purpose and a solid disciplined framework that aims at what are fundamentally deeper life principles.”

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