Men’s Coaching
Men’s Coaching Overview

Richard, the Founder of Recovering Man, offers men’s coaching in person, online and over the phone for men seeking to embark upon deep and meaningful personal transformation and get a deeper understanding of themselves, their behaviours and their role as a man in the world.

This page outlines Recovering Man’s coaching for men, with an overview, intro video, Q&A section, and insight into the Recovering Man Transformational Program.

Recovering Man men’s coaching is rooted in (but not limited to) the ritualistic masculine journey of growth that is at the core of the Recovering Man philosophy, and covers such areas as:

  • Addictions/Compulsive Behaviour
  • Anxiety & Fear
  • Building Strong Inner Peace
  • Developing a Strong ‘Why’ at Your Life’s Core
  • Goal Setting & Understanding Your Value System
  • Learning How To Be Assertive
  • Letting Go of Anger & Resentment
  • Life Transformation
  • Overcoming Neediness Around Women
  • Recovering Your Masculine Centre
  • Understanding & Embedding Yourself in ‘The Network of Fathers’
  • And much more…

Want more insight into Men’s Coaching? Then check out the below video, Q&A and more

Men’s Coaching Intro Video
Men’s Coaching Q&A

Is the coaching in person, on the phone or online?

It can be any of the three. Recovering Man offers face-to-face men’s coaching in London only, however, if you’re outside of this area, there’s also coaching options online (via Zoom or Skype video link, which most guys prefer as it’s easy to install and use) or over the phone.

What does Recovering Man’s men’s coaching look like?

If you’re interested in coaching, you will want to pick up a free copy of Richard’s book, From Lost Boy to Awakened Man, which outlines the core journey and key themes you will cover in working towards integrated masculinity.

While coaching isn’t limited to the themes of the book, it is very helpful in giving you clear guidance, a depth of understanding and a framework for a new life that you can read and imbibe between sessions.

Who is Richard, the founder of Recovering Man?

Richard specializes in inner transformation, having been through issues such as trauma, addictions, neediness around women and existential despair himself; after being on the brink of suicide, his life was completely transformed onto a path of meaning, purpose and inner peace.

transformational coaching in London for men addiction help how to be a man
Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy (right)

After this life-changing experience, he committed to years of intense men’s work, endless self-help, varied spiritual groups/retreats, psychotherapy and 12-step groups to figure out the optimal path for life, as well as why and how his life changed, before creating the 9-Step Transformational Program to help other men find the path of the Recovering Man.

Because of his direct experience, Richard’s coaching approach is deeply direct, loving, raw, practical and effective.

How much does it cost?

Men’s coaching is £60 per 50-minute session, and there’s also a discount for a package of 5 sessions bought together, which totals £250 (that equals £50 per session).

The 9-Step Transformational Journey

The Recovering Man The 9-Step Transformational Journey isn’t an essential part of the men’s coaching, yet it is an extremely valubale resource and life-changing process that can be utilised as part of the coaching process.

You can review it here

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