Magic Mushrooms to ‘Replace Antidepressants’
Magic Mushrooms to 'Replace Antidepressants' News image

The leader of the Imperial Centre for Psychedelic Research has predicted that psychedelic therapy could replace antidepressants in only 5 years.

Robin Carhart-Harris said: “I would imagine if you had some bookmakers doing the odds, there would be strong odds on that [psychedelic therapy] will be licensed sometime in the next five to 10 years – maybe sooner.”

The usage of psychedelics raises serious questions as to whether it can heal trauma and psychoses or make symptoms worse.

Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy recently spoke about his experience with post-Cannabis paranoia (see below) and how the usage of drugs since that time has been extremely dangerous.

Despite this, Carhart-Harris has stated how participants in his trials are reporting that the psilocybin leaves them feeling like they’ve experienced an emotional “release”.

Despite magic mushrooms having a low-risk of addiction, it is still unclear whether utilising the drug would benefit or exacerbate existing mental health problems.

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9 thoughts on “Magic Mushrooms to ‘Replace Antidepressants’

    • Thanks for your comment Anthony, did you find it worked with specific regard to issues such as depression and easing emotional difficulties? Or was your usage more recreational?

      • My use is really purely related to lifelong negativity and depression. Although I admit I have always wanted to open Blake’s doors of perception. But at my age, no. It is not about recreation. Just to feel better.

      • Richard Im afraid I dont relate many of my psychedilc experiences on my website but I can say magic mushrooms have been of enormous value over the past 9 months. The reason I dont speak about them to much is the legality. But I am utterly convinced from my own experience that they are cure. I am less sure whether I will have to continue to take the stuff permanently.

  1. It may well be that I bees to progress to an ego loss dose under supervision ~ say 5 grams dried weight. So far my maximum dose is around 2.5 grams. I currently take it once a fortnight to lessen the tokerance problem but felt much better taking it once a week. I may revert to once a week. A dose seems to imorove my mood, vastly, for aroind a week after which negativity can set back in. I have suffered no hangovers, no cravings or addiction that I am aware of and no adverse physical or mental reactions whatsoever. So far!

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