Is Psychology Wrong About How to Handle Pain?
why psychology doesn't work

A new study from researchers at Yale, Columbia, and Dartmouth Universities shows that disassociating from your pain, rather than consistently and deeply analysing it, is highly effective in its treatment.

This methodology, sometimes refered to as present-moment awareness or mindfulness, was so effective that even when participants were subjected to high heat on their forearm, their brain responded as if it was experiencing normal temperature.

Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy said: “These findings are often seen as ‘controversial’ in psychology circles, yet after years of therapy and analysis over traumatic experiences, addictions and pain in my own life, success began to emerge when I let go of egoentric identification.

“This is not to say psychology and trauma work doesn’t have its place, but that there may come a point where we begin to construct our whole egocentric vision of who we are in our trauma and pain.

“Meditation, mindfulness and work that gets you beyond the ego and in natural spirit are all tools that seem massively underused and misunderstood in recovery from the issues many men face today.”

You can watch Richard’s story ‘From Trauma, Addiction & Suffering to Meaning, Purpose and Peace’ below:

Mindfulness – the awareness and acceptance of a situation without judgment – has been shown to have benefits in treating many conditions such as anxiety and depression.

However, in the latest study, researchers showed that people with no formal training in meditation and mindfulness can benefit from a brief 20-minute introduction into mindfulness concepts.

In the study, participants reported less pain and negative emotion when employing mindfulness techniques, and at the same time their brains showed significant reductions in activity associated with pain and negative emotions.

These neurological changes did not occur in the prefrontal cortex, which regulates conscious or rational decision-making, and so were not the result of conscious willpower, the authors note.

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