‘Dumbphone’ Sales Rise in Response to Smartphone Addiction

New data shows that the sales of basic, non-smart phones are on the rise as people are increasingly struggling with smartphone addiction. 

Recent research has also shown the average smartphone user checks it every 12 minutes. 

Excess smartphone usage has been linked to mental health issues, poor sleep and an inability to concentrate.

Denzel Washington passionately outlines the problems smartphones are causing in the below video:

Global smartphone sales rose by just 2% last year, while dumbphone sales went up by 5%.

Research by Ofcom found that 78% of British people said they couldn’t live without their smartphone at all. 

“You’re always on Facebook pages and Instagram and you’re just on everything,” one respondent said, “and the more you do it the more you feel like you need to do it.”

Dr. Daria Kuss is a psychologist who has studied the addictive usage of smartphones, stating, “…users may be aware that they’re using it too much however they can’t stop themselves.

“They may be afraid to miss out on anything that may be happening on their social media channels being one of the reasons why they use it compulsively and this may lead to symptoms that have been association with addiction like withdrawal, preoccupation and loss of control.”

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