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The Ground Rules are as follows:

  • No intoxicants (alcohol or drugs) at all; however if you are on medication proscribed by a doctor or health professional do not cease taking your recommended dosage for any reason
  • No sex
  • No masturbation
  • No porn or sexually suggestive material
  • No media – this includes movies, television, newspapers and YouTube
  • Stay out of all political discussion
  • No dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, etc
  • No video games
  • All food must be fresh and simple (e.g. green leafy veg, fruits, nuts and lean meats/fish) only – there should be no ‘cheat meals’, fast food, microwavable meals or sugary snacks
  • Your computer/phone is strictly for work and essential purposes only (staying in touch with loved ones) and should be used for a one hour window each day
  • If you have any pre-existing spiritual beliefs, please find a book of readings for the week that will assist you in the week (this is optional/non-essential)
  • Do not embark on this cleanse if you are presently suffering from a serious and untreated health or psychological condition, further, do not mistake it for medical or psychiatric care
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