Richard offers a free introductory coaching session exclusively to men looking to transform their lives and/or take the next step to become an integrated, confident man.

He specializes in inner transformation, having been through issues such as PTSD, addictions and existential despair himself, charting his way through reams of poor ideologically-based teachings and painfully learnt what really works.

Henceforth, his approach is deeply direct, practical and effective.

Personal mentorship works because sitting alone and reading books will not heal you.

Having the balls to reach out and change will.

He focuses less on the actual issues a man may be facing (i.e. addictive behaviour, confidence, sense of meaninglessness) and more on the underlying issue, which he sees as a dysfunctional relationship with core energy, life issues which trap a man in ‘boy psychology‘, and/or a dislocation with life itself.

You can contact Richard using the below form, where you can also offer a brief outline your present issues and where you’d like to transform:

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