Coaching for Men: Discover the 9-Step Path of Initiation
Founder of Recovering Man, Richard Joy

When embarking on my coaching for men service, the majority of my clients first walk through the 9-Step Path of Initiation, although this is not essential to begin coaching, it is very powerful for the following reasons:

  1. It ensures we create a deep bond of trust
  2. It means we know each other very well
  3. It means your life narrative, aims, goals and progress are very clear to both parties, meaning we can get results fast
  4. It means we have a very solid foundation to build upon with regard to future coaching
  5. It grounds you in your core as a man
  6. It grounds you in your inner spiritual stability
  7. It means we speak the same language
  8. It means we can work smart in employing the specialist techniques learnt
Coaching for Men
  • Watch a 5-Minute Intro Video on Coaching for Men, here
  • Review the 9-Step Path of Initiation, here

I help men with myriad issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Finding your life’s purpose
  • Releasing past pain
  • Transforming fear into fuel for growth
  • Understanding your role & core as a man
  • Reframing life narratives
  • Overcoming compulsive behaviours
  • Healing the inner lost boy
  • Walking the path of the integrated, awakened male
  • Learning how to stay inspired/motivated
  • Improving your relationships with women
  • Building a calm, centred life psychology
  • Nutrition & health
  • Finding deep inner peace within
Ways in Which I Can Help you NOW

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Individual Sessions

If you’d like to embark on some one-on-one individual sessions, I offer this service for £80 per 50-minute session.

*Session prices are cheaper when walking the 9-Steps

I also offer some bundle packages that lessen the collective cost.

Please reach out here if you’d like to talk about this option.

Want to Learn More About Richard & The Coaching Process? Then Watch the Below Interview:

What Does Coaching Entail?

Many guys come to me for different reasons – some are looking to have a major internal transformation, some are looking to find their purpose in life, while some are seeking to overcome issues such as compulsive behaviour, anxiety or existential angst.

Whatever your core reason, coaching is all about transcending your present limitations and moving to a point of inner ‘awakening’.

This refers to the inner energy that lays within you and the inner realisation of who you are as a man.

As we uncover these layers, answers are shown to be within you, and once you have seen that for yourself, you have a wealth of fuel to empower you.

My role from then on is to keep you honest, disciplined and focused – ensuring you’re deeply embedded in your ‘higher self’ and connected to a transcendental purpose.

Recovering Man men's coaching testimonials

David, 31: “Being coached through the 9-Step Programme has changed my life. It has been a powerful, emotional and enlightening journey – a journey every man should take to purify his soul; give birth to his true vision and actualise his purpose.”

Alex, 30: “Richard has an ability to connect at the soul level with humility and eloquence, which I found highly motivating. Sharing his knowledge and spiritual guidance gained from overcoming his own personal battles has been inspiring in showing me the way of the awakened man. I am very much looking forward to on-going coaching work as this process has really opened my eyes.”

Greg, 35: “I’ve been working with Rich and Recovering Man for a while now and it’s been invaluable in giving me a much deeper understanding of myself as a man, my role in the world and how to actualise my full potential with discipline in the key areas of my life.”

Would You Like to Get in Touch?

If you’d like to reach out about coaching for men, the 9-Step Path of Initiation, or just to have an introductory chat, feel free to contact me here

Remember to check out the Recovering Man Media Channel too

In the meantime, have an amazing day, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.



If you’d like more info on the 9-Steps, you can download a free e-Book on the Path of Initiation here

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