Founded by London-based writer Richard Joy, Recovering Man is about rebuilding men in our age of chaos, confusion and fear, which is exemplified in the contemporary specters of addiction, anxiety, and men lost in ‘manboyhood‘.

Rather than viewing such disorders as eternal, chronic diseases, Recovering Man instead views these things for what they are – life laying down the gauntlet for a man to transform himself into the strong, wise energy of a leader that each man is at his core.

Prizing discipline, hard work and humility over complaining, virtue-signaling and playing the victim, Recovering Man exists to uncover how modern men can form a new masculinity between the archaic bully of old and the progressive wimp of today.

In an age of gender-bender philosophy, with ‘intellectuals’ peddling pseudo-science such as toxic masculinity and the evils of patriarchy, men need guidance, grit and stability.

Recovering Man looks to the great men and myths of old to reawaken that energy in modern man, while not falling back into the docile, Victorian chains of yesteryear.

Similarly, Recovering Man looks to the male pioneers of today, valuing their creativity, bravery, even spirituality sensitivity, while calling out the cowardly, ever-the-victim men who bring pain and destruction to themselves and others.

In following this quest, we aim at internal mastery, empowering men to become leaders in their own lives, to become masters of their own destines, and to carry the torch to guide future generations away from the hell of nihilism and hedonism to the freedom to embrace life – all emanating from the disciplined, integrated masculine purpose.

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