Digital Addiction Rampant, Says Study
Smartphone addiction recovery

We are heavily addicted to our digital devices, according to a new study, or more precisely, we are addicted to the digital experiences they give us.

The study, by SFU Beedie professor Leyland Pitt and co-authors, analyzes the growing problem with digital addiction and how marketers – as well as app developers – contribute to this 21st-century phenomenon.

According to Pitt, digital addiction is linked to promoting obesity, sleeplessness, anxiety, decreased productivity, and relationship issues.

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The researchers say marketers and app developers work together to develop experiences that create an insatiable desire for users to keep returning to their apps.

Companies achieve this by using various tactics such as the freemium model, gamification and making their app ubiquitous.

“It seems that digital addiction is impacting young adolescents the most, but that’s because they’ve grown up with digital devices,” says Pitt.

He concluded: “Addiction doesn’t know age. It can happen to anybody.”

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