Watch: The Myth of Toxic Masculinity – The Untold Truth

This video looks at how the boogieman of toxic masculinity has become an ideological tool to explain the mental health and suicide crisis in men and how this is fundamentally lampooning them.

Having suffered from addictions and trauma, and had a schizophrenic brother commit suicide, I am no stranger to these topics, however, in the video, I state what worked for me and how this form of recovery is never presented to young men.

Media outlets are blaming ‘toxic masculinity’, which is basically ‘traditional’ masculinity for all manner of things, from global warming to mental health.

The video explores why this is a fallacy that’s actively making men’s health worse before moving onto looking at what men can actually do to combat this.

The video explores why people such as Jordan Peterson have proved exceptionally popular with young men and how in questioning political correctness and toxic masculinity he has become a pariah.

He ends with a call for men to face their demons in order to grow and flourish.

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