Study: People Learn From Painful Experiences
Study: People Learn From Painful Experiences

A new study argues that people learn key lessons after experiencing painful experiences.

The researchers call the model “threat learning”.

They state that the model is built into the brain and helps animals and humans to survive and evolve.

Founder of Recovering Man Richard Joy recently made a video stating men must suffer in order to grow free from pain and difficult circumstances (see below):

Scientists from the lab of Ralf Schneggenburger at EPFL have discovered that the insular cortex sends warnings to code for feelings about our own body in a threatening situation.

The study demonstrates that the insular cortex can send a strong warning signal to other brain areas involved in forming a memory of the unpleasant event.

Ralf Schneggenburger said: “Our study of the neuronal mechanisms of how pain is encoded in the brain – together with future studies of the underlying plasticity mechanisms – might be relevant for the development of treatments for psychiatric diseases such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders.”

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