1 in 5 ‘Harmed’ by Boozers in England in 2018
1 in 5 Harmed by Boozers in England in 2018 Header image

One in five people in England has been harmed in some way by others’ drinking throughout 2018, according to a study in BMJ Open.

Nearly one in 20 experienced aggression, meaning they were physically threatened, hurt, or forced into ‘something sexual’, the findings indicate.

In 2012, alcohol was responsible for around 6% of all deaths and 5% of all ill-health around the globe.

Watch Founder of Recovering Man Richard’s story below as he shows how growing up around violence with a lack of guidance led him to drink compulsively:

The survey of 5,000 adults across England looked at the extent, type, and frequency of the harms associated with other people’s drinking, who is most likely to be affected, as well as who and what might be driving it.

But authors said in a joint statement: “This is the largest ever survey of [alcohol-related harms to others] conducted within the UK.

“It is clear that [alcohol-related harm to others] is relatively prevalent and that some individuals experience harm frequently.

“The most prevalent harms could be considered insignificant, but even apparently minor harms such as sleep disruption can have an impact on health and quality of life, particularly if experienced persistently.”

Recovering Man has hypothesized that the growing addiction crisis in the UK (and the West) is stemming from a lack of meaning in men’s lives, with the embracing of suffering a key step to finding said meaning:

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